June 14, 2024

The Overlooked Potential of Winter Shark Fishing

When “sharkfishing” is mentioned, most people think of warmer months. The great winter fishing in Florida is often overlooked by anglers. Power plants release thousands of gallons of warm water into the Bay, which is an ideal nesting area for many types of resident species. Fish are Ectotherm animals, which warm themselves by absorbing the heat of their environment. You have a huge advantage when you fish near power plants. This is because you know the location, which is one of the most crucial factors. All you need to do now is present the bait in a way that will attract a bite.

The Timing and Tactics

Remember that fish tend to feed more at high tide and around the new or full moon. At the power plants, we have caught both black tips and spinner sharks. For more sports, I prefer to use a larger spinning gear or a smaller conventional gear. A light wire leader with an 8/0 circle hook that has the barb flattened is ideal for quick releases. Fresh baits are essential. Ladyfish, mullet, and grunts all work well. Cast them at a distance and hook them on the top of their mouth. No need to cut your bait. Sharks are very intelligent and can easily detect the distress of a fish.

Hooking and Handling Sharks

When you get a bite, you may want to immediately set the hook, or stop them from running for a few moments. Avoid the temptation to act too quickly and allow the shark to swim for a few seconds before you flip the lever or apply pressure. Sharks often perform aerial displays once you feel tension. Avoid over-tightening your drag. You don’t want the line to break, the hook to pull, or a “green shark” boat side. A shock leader is also recommended. It will not only help to prevent abrasion but it allows for more stretch when the sharks are jumping. You should be able to catch many fish if you follow these tips. Remember to treat all fish with respect, even smaller sharks.

Ensuring Success and Safety

By following these tips, you should be able to catch many fish. Remember to treat all fish with respect, even smaller sharks. If you’re not careful, they can also cause serious injury. If you want to increase your chances of ending the night with all your fingers, I suggest purchasing a large dehooking tool. Would you like to share any tips or ideas? Please share if you can. Until next time, tight lines!

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