July 2, 2022

Drag performance is gaining a lot of attention from people all around the globe. It is a powerful art form constantly evolving. Thanks to the activism of the LGBTQ+ community, over the years, people are increasingly accepting these performances. The popularity of drag shows has reached the point where even mainstream media celebrate it with prime-time reality shows.

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However, for people who are watching the performance for the first time, having some knowledge about it will make them enjoy it. Numerous unwritten rules about behaving during the performance and interacting with the performers are there. You may find it intimidating as a first-time attendee. Before moving on to other things, a first-time attendee needs to know what a drag show is.

What is a drag show?

A drag show is a performance by drag artists to entertain their audience. During the performance, the artists put on make-up and dress that amplify the impression of gender. Historically, drag artists or, more specifically, drag queens, are gay men impersonate females or transwomen, exaggerating their appearance by dressing up in glittery dresses.

However, gender identity is less important these days for transmen, drag cisgender and non-binary people. The drag community welcomes them all today to be a part of it. The drag show usually consists of comedy acts, lip-syncing songs, dance routines, live performances, group numbers or a combination of these acts. Generally, gay clubs or bars host these performances, but due to their growing popularity, drag shows have become prominent events and use more extensive theatres and arenas to host them.

Tips for attending a drag show

Below are a few tips for attending drag shows or first-time attendees.

  • Tips the drag queen
  • Do not
  • Consent is the important
  • Do not stand in front, or you will become a part of the performance
  • Do not assume their gender
  • Cheer and applaud the drag queen
  • Support the drag queen
  • Have fun and enjoy the performance

The performers of drag shows are also people like you. Treat drag performers with the same respect that you wish to receive from others. Try not to touch them without consent because they perform with heavy make-up and padding. It does not give you the right to intrude on their personal space.

The drag culture is about personal expression. Whether it is a drag performance at a gay bar or a brunch at a restaurant, wear whatever you like to wear. Wear something that expresses you as a person perfectly. You can wear anything, simple jeans and a t-shirt or an opulent ensemble with sequins and feathers.

Drag shows are colourful, vibrant and full of energy. Be prepared to have lots of fun. The performers may tease you, imitate or pull you on the stage, make sure you are cool with it and leave your ego outside to enjoy the performance.

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