Reducing Homesickness for Business Expatriates

Depending on different factors, a worker can migrate to another country to seek greener pastures. From a distance, an action like that seems cool and fun to try out. In reality, it is accompanied by a wave of unacquainted customs, culture shocks, seclusion, and loneliness. When a person changes location, there are many issues one […]

Making the Transition to Living Abroad

People move away from the U.S. for a wide range of reasons. Some relocate, either temporarily or permanently, for their jobs and careers. Others leave the country to enjoy retirement, to take in new scenery and perhaps to stretch their retirement savings a bit further. Still others move away from home to pursue a romantic […]

Top 5 Destinations For A Perfect Family Vacation

Exploring your favorite destinations is the best self-care you can practice in the long run. From the antiquities of snow-capped mountains to the bewildering sunsets by the beach shore, you must embrace them all. You might also use this excursion opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with your loved ones. Once in a while, plan a […]

A guide to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

It was here that the romance of my life began,” Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed many years ago. Where was “here” exactly? Well, in the badlands of North Dakota and what is now Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Unspoiled badlands and prairie meadows across 70,446 acres make the Theodore Roosevelt National Park such a gem to explore. It’s the only American […]

Things to do in Bibury, England | A scenic village in the Cotswolds

A charming and picturesque Cotswold village, Bibury, England features one of the most photographed places in England – Arlington Row. It’s a group of beautiful cottages dating back to 1380. And the village has a plethora of pretty stone buildings and scenic views to take in. Despite being a small village, there are plenty of […]

8 places to visit in Edinburgh to take in the city’s beauty

Edinburgh, Scotland is a beautiful city to explore with its charming architecture, stunning surroundings, and scenic gardens and paths. I’m really convinced it has to be one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. Adding to Edinburgh’s intrigue is the pleasing juxtaposition of the Old and New Towns, which come together as a UNESCO World Heritage […]

An afternoon in Lechlade, England

Situated on the border of the Cotswolds, Lechlade, England is a small market town along the River Thames. The laid-back town features cozy pubs and cafes, antique shops, and even a year-round Christmas store. As a symbol of Lechlade, the spire of St. Lawrence’s Church dominates the town’s view from near or far. And the […]

Things to do in Burford, England | The southern gateway to the Cotswolds

Located 20 miles west of Oxford, Burford is considered the southern gateway to the Cotswolds and one of the most picturesque towns in the region. It’s endlessly charming with its High Street sloping down towards the River Windrush, offering views across open countryside. Despite being a small town, there are numerous things to do in Burford, including […]

Expat Update: Tips for living abroad

Moving abroad is exhilarating, nerve-racking, and one heck of an adventure. However, moving to a different country can pose challenges as well. You can feel lost and alone. So much goes into making the big move from packing and unpacking to sorting out a visa and other legal requirements. Then, with so much build-up, it […]

Scenic Bath cycle routes | Exploring Bath, UK & its surroundings

As the sunshine warmed my back, white fluffs of dandelions floated in the refreshing breeze. The surrounding green landscape gleamed in the sunny, cloudless day, a blueprint of a perfect day in England’s countryside. Taking in the lovely setting, I peddled a purple bicycle leisurely. With a smile spreading across my face, I was instantly […]