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Calling all beer lovers: there’s a beer museum, brewery, taproom, and beer-themed hotel all at one location in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. The DogHouse Hotel is the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel and recently opened on August 27, 2018. BrewDog, a UK craft brewery, opened this hotel next to its first US outpost, which includes a brewery, taproom, and beer museum.

Is waking up in a brewery on your bucket list? Or is just having a beer tap in your hotel room enough to make you feel like a kid in a candy shop? Read to find out what a stay at the Doghouse Hotel entails.

BrewDog Brewery, Taproom, & DogHouse Hotel

DogHouse Hotel

The DogHouse includes 32 guest rooms inside BrewDog’s sour beer facility. Each room comes equipped with a beer tap and a well-stocked beer fridge in not only each room but also outside of each shower. The rooms feature beer-themed decorations and even locally made craft beer soaps. Some of the rooms have views into the brewery, so you can watch the beer-making process first-hand.

Standard rooms range from $162 to $182 before tax. Additionally, a Double Queen Room, Punk Suite, and BrewMaster Suite are available for a higher cost. When booking your room, you get to pick the beer you’d like in your tap from a list of four, ranging from $16 to $20.

DogHouse Hotel Room

Shower beer fridge in DogHouse Hotel Room

Beer tap in room at DogHouse Hotel

In the hotel lobby, there is a bar and seating area with games, activities, and books, in addition to a view into the sour beer facility. A delicious international continental breakfast is served there every morning, which is included in the price of your room. And there are takeaway food available for purchase throughout the day.

DogHouse Hotel Breakfast in Lobby

DogHouse Hotel Lobby

Four rooms are dog-friendly, so if you want to bring your furry friend, be sure to book in advance. There is a dog park, which is easily accessible from the dog-friendly rooms. The hotel also boasts a gym in case you need to work off all the beer you’ll inevitably be drinking. On top of there, there is a walking and cycling path outside of the hotel if you’d like to stretch your legs.

BrewDog facilities near Columbus, OH

BrewDog Brewery

This was BrewDog’s first outpost in the US. Brewery tours are $10 (plus an automatic 20% gratuity) and takes you throughout the entire brewery. Over 45 minutes, you’ll learn about BrewDog and craft beer in general while sipping on a Punk IPA. Additionally, you can attend Beer School, which is an hour and thirty minute course on the brewing process, principles of beer tasting, and beer and food pairing and costs $25 (in addition to an automatic 20% tip).

BrewDog Punk IPA

BrewDog Taproom

The taproom has a wide selection of BrewDog beers and other featured craft beers, in addition to a tasty food menu. I especially loved the mushroom, spinach, and Swiss grilled cheese. Inside the taproom, there are also pinball machines and shuffleboard tables. On a nice day, the garage doors get rolled up to the patio, which features additional seating, fire pits, and games.

Beer at BrewDog Taproom

BrewDog Taproom Patio

Flight of beers at BrewDog Taproom

BrewDog Beer Museum

This interactive beer museum has free entrance and shows how water, hops, malt, and yeast are made into beer. There are also exhibits about the different types of beer and what makes them unique. You’ll learn about BrewDog’s story and the history of craft beer. And of course you can explore the museum with a beer in hand!

BrewDog Beer Museum

BrewDog Beer Museum

If you’re looking for a beer-themed vacation, BrewDog’s Doghouse Hotel, brewery, taproom, and beer museum might just be the place for you! I’d give the Doghouse Hotel’s experience and ambiance a 10 out of 10, but as it has opened recently, a few kinks still need to be worked out, especially involving customer service. The second Doghouse Hotel is expected to open in early 2019 at BrewDog’s headquarters in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Is waking up in a brewery on your bucket list? Read to learn about what a stay at the Doghouse Hotel entails, which is located in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, USA.

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  1. I’m not a beer fan really, but this looks awesome! Loving the fact it’s a company local to me in the UK, even if the hotel is in the US and love the idea of the shower beer (though I would prefer wine or cider).

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