Six short, scenic hikes in Iceland

Skógá River - hikes in Iceland

With stunning vistas in every nook and cranny of Iceland, hiking is an essential way to see and experience the incredible beauty of this country. While driving the Ring Road, there are endless places to stop, stretch your legs, and enjoy being in nature so take advantage of it! Here’s a few short, scenic hikes in Iceland easy to get to while road tripping the Ring Road.

Skógafoss & Beyond – Southwest Iceland

Flowing directly from two glaciers, Skógafoss is an iconic waterfall located on the Skógá River. It’s easy to view the falls from the Ring Road (and maybe even the tourist buses lining the parking lot), but don’t let that be as close as you get to this famous waterfall. To the right of Skógafoss, take the 370 steps to the viewing deck above to begin one of the best hikes in Iceland.

Once you snap a few photos from this overlook, continue through the gate to the trail winding along the river. This trail is much quieter than the viewing areas of Skógafoss, which are often packed with tourists. The trail from Skógafoss to Fimmvorduhals is 13 miles long, but we hiked for as long as we had time for then turned back around.

Skógá River - hikes in Iceland

Skógafoss - hikes in Iceland

Skógá River - hikes in Iceland

Skógá River - hikes in Iceland

Stóraklif in Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar – Southwest Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar, also known as the Westman Islands, was one of my favorite places I visited in Iceland. We took a ferry from Landeyjahöfn to Heimaey, the largest of the islands. There’s a trail that goes to the top of a craggy precipice, Stóraklif, which has to be one of the most exhilarating hikes in Iceland.

The start of the trail is located behind an N1 station near the port (GPS location 63.44420487, -20.28344393). There are two N1’s on the island so pick up a map at the port or visitor center. Around the back of the station, there is a track with a small ladder to help people cross the fence. Then, it’s all steep incline from there. Ropes and chains are there to assist the intense climb to the top, but don’t completely rely on them. 

I read it takes about 30 minutes to hike to the top, but I took double that stopping anytime I reached a sturdy rock to cling to. But this physically and mentally strenuous hike is worth the stunning views of Heimaey and the surrounding islands at the grassy top. And another bonus: we didn’t pass another soul on the entire hike.

Stóraklif in Vestmannaeryjar - hikes in Iceland

Stóraklif in Vestmannaeryjar - hikes in Iceland

Heimaey, Vestmannaeryjar - hikes in Iceland

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Reynisfjall Ridge in Vík – South Iceland

An invigorating but short hike up Reynisfjall Ridge offers wonderful views of the magical area around Vík lined with beautiful black sand beaches. Once you make it to the top, you’ll see the famous cluster of sea stacks known as Reynisdrangur. It’s a peaceful view without the big crowd down below.

Near the top of the ridge, there’s also a marvelous vista of Reynisfjara Beach and the village of Vík with its red and white church sticking out against the green landscape. And it was an unusually quiet area for being so close to the Ring Road. 

Reynisfjall Ridge in Vík - hikes in Iceland

Reynisfjall Ridge in Vík - hikes in Iceland

Reynisfjall Ridge in Vík - hikes in Iceland

Vatnajökull National Park’s Skaftafell Region – Southeast Iceland

Skaftafell, a region of the Vatnajökull National Park, encompasses a collection of peaks and glaciers and boasts numerous scenic trails that are some of the most popular hikes in Iceland. It’s 600 ISK to park small passenger cars in the national park’s lot. Prepare yourself to see lots of tourists though because this is an extremely popular area. However, the farther you hike, the less and less people you see. Lots of the paths crisscross each other, making it easy to shorten or extend your hike.

Svartifoss, also known as Black Falls, is a beautiful and unique waterfall with black basalt columns located just 1.8 km from the visitor center. It’s a stunning sight in this region of the national park, but don’t stop your hike there. Continue west on the path towards Sjónarsker for the incredible view across Skeiðarársandur. Once you’ve taken in this spot, make your way down towards Sel, a traditional turf-roofed farmhouse.

Skaftafell - hikes in Iceland

Skaftafell - hikes in Iceland

Skaftafell - hikes in Iceland

Viking Village & Mount Vestrahorn near Höfn – East Iceland

Located about four miles east of the turn-off of the Ring Road for Höfn is the Viking Cafe. If you’re coming from Höfn, you’ll turn right just before the Ring Road enters a tunnel. Follow this road for less than three miles until the road ends at the charming Viking Cafe.

Pay 800 ISK to explore the local farmer’s property for one of the most unique hikes in Iceland. And while you’re in the cafe, you might as well chow down on a waffle or piece of cake! There are a couple short hikes you can do on the farm featuring a viking village created for a film that was never shot and impressive views of Mount Vestrahorn and a beautiful black sand beach. 

Mount Vestrahorn - hikes in Iceland

Viking Village - hikes in Iceland

Dimmuborgir in Eastern Mývatn – Northeast Iceland

Dimmuborgir, which translates as “Dark Castles,” is a unique, jagged lava field. With an eerie atmosphere, the lava stacks, caves, and rock formations have turned the landscape into otherworldly terrain. Multiple simple walking trails run through the massive volcanic field, which formed in an eruption over 2,000 years ago. 

The different walking paths are color-coded so it’s very simple to follow the trails without a map. Just pick which path you want to follow at the map displayed in the beginning and follow that color. The most popular route is the Church Circle, which is 2.3 km long. When we visited in September, the fauna beautifully popped with autumn color against the stark black backdrops.

Dimmuborgir - hikes in Iceland

Dimmuborgir - hikes in Iceland

Dimmuborgir - hikes in Iceland

Hikes in Iceland are a great way to see the beauty of this country. Have you hiked in the land of fire and ice? What hikes in Iceland would you like to go on?

Six short, scenic hikes in Iceland


  1. I love hiking, but sometimes when traveling long hikes wear you out and then the next day your body doesn’t want to go like it should, so I appreciate that this is all about short scenic hikes! Saving!

  2. I really wish I did more hiking in Iceland. I did all the touristy things but I need to go back and do some hiking. I love this post and loving your photos. Really inspirational.

  3. I’m still trying to convince hubby to book a trip to Iceland, maybe this post will help me! Your pictures are So beautiful and he is in love with waterfalls. From what I see, he’d have plenty of those! I also very much appreciated the GPS coordinates, they’re very useful!

  4. Icelandic scenery never ceases to amaze and impress me! These hikes all look incredible, and as a family who loves to hit the trails, this would be an absolute dream! I’m not even sure I could choose a favorite, they all look so incredibly dreamy!

  5. The first one truly beckons to me, maybe because of the iconic Skógafoss. The water hugs the land so unlike any I ave seen before!

  6. A great write up. I love hiking and exploring whenever I’m traveling. Sometimes spending an entire day hiking can take away from the other exploring on the list of things to do. I love quick little hikes that can keep even the smaller people engaged,

  7. Hiking by itself is such a blissful activity with an opportunity to get close to nature. If the hikes are in such beautiful and stunning landscapes that Iceland has, then the experience skyrockets to an altogether different level. I think hiking must be one of the best ways to really lose oneself to the charm of its stunning natural beauty. The hikes suggested in the post are all not very difficult and most of us would be able to experience the magic of Iceland by hiking.

  8. Iceland is indeed beautiful and shows us how two extremely contrasting things can co-exist together ( fire and ice). Its a place where can can hike up to places and just be you and by you. Its a place, you wanna visit again and again and again… Thanks for writing this.

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