Photo Essay: Luxembourg City’s magnificent views

Luxembourg City – A European urban gem

Starting from our hotel in Luxembourg City’s Kirchberg quarter, we passed modern buildings, including European Union institutions. Walking through an open square, I imagined it filled with hurried workers in business suits during the work day. As we got closer and closer to the city center, the buildings got older and older. We even walked through the historic fortress, which was once one of the strongest fortifications in all of Europe.

With Luxembourg City’s lush trees and dreamy architecture, I hadn’t even made it to the center and knew this was going to be one of my favorite European urban destinations. Beautiful parks and gardens and manicured green spaces cropped up around every corner. And as one of the smallest European capitals, the walkability of the city makes it incredibly easy to take in so much of its beauty.

Beautiful views & overlooks in Luxembourg City

The city’s center is situated on a cliff above a river valley and gorge. This unique feature not only naturally splits the city into different neighborhoods but also offers stunning sights from an abundance of vantage points. The magnificent overlooks and views alone are one of the top reasons to visit Luxembourg City, so see for yourself and check out these photos from my two days wandering the streets of this gem of a city.

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Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City Fortress 2

Luxembourg 3

Flowers in Luxembourg City 2

The Grund

Luxembourg City

Flowers in Luxembourg City

Tim & Kaylene in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City 5

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City 2

Luxembourg City Fortress

Luxembourg City’s magnificent views are one of the top reasons to add this urban gem to a Western Europe travel itinerary. From the architecture to the parks and gardens, there is so much beauty to seek out in this European capital. Is this beautiful city on your bucket list or have you visited? What’s your favorite view in this city or what would you like to see?

Luxembourg City

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  1. You’re right — Luxembourg has beautiful views. The river that runs through town adds to the beauty too. So medieval and gorgeous!

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