Beautiful, walkable, livable Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

As one of the smallest European capitals, Luxembourg City shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a beautiful, walkable city with a history and culture influenced by many nations paired with an extremely high standard of living. On a meander through town, we passed historic forts, open squares, dreamy architecture, and well-kept parks and green spaces. With a gorge cutting through the old city landscape, it makes an abundance of unique vantage points throughout Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg City

Fortress & History
From the 1500s to 1867, the Fortress of Luxembourg was one of the strongest fortifications in all of Europe taking up 444 acres. It had a very strategic position and was reinforced many times by a variety of European powers. While roaming Luxembourg City, you’ll continuously pass remains of the fortress, including casemates, bastions, and forts. The Bock Casemates was a network of 23 kilometers of underground galleries (only 17 kilometers remain), in addition to bomb shelters located in the city’s underground that were used again in World War I and II. The Old City of Luxembourg and its fortifications has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and are a major point of interest when visiting.

Fort Thüngen - Luxembourg City

Gorge & Bridges
Luxembourg City’s center sits at the top of a river valley perched on a high cliff. The river valley and gorge of the Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers cut through the city marking natural splits into different neighborhoods and quarters. This unique feature also gives Luxembourg beautiful cliffs and stunning views from a variety of angles, especially up high and down low. Bridges, like the Luxembourg Viaduct, Adolphe Bridge, and Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, helped link the opposites sides of town together and opened up the city like never before.

Luxembourg Viaduct - Luxembourg City

Walkability & Elevators
Because of how the gorge splits up the city, you’d think this would make Luxembourg a tough destination to traverse by foot. However, there are two free elevators for pedestrians and bikers. The panoramic elevator at Pfaffenthal has an incredible view overlooking the surrounding landscape. It’s a relatively small place to traverse, so you can really get a feel for the whole city by taking it on by foot. However, between the cobblestone streets and up-and-down roads, wear comfortable shoes to ensure a more pleasurable journey on your feet.

Pfaffenthal Elevator

Beauty & Parks
Luxembourg is an absolute gem of a city, and it’s impossible to say what’s the most impressive sight. From cliff-top overlooks, views from down in the gorge, and incredibly well-maintained parks, there is so much beauty to see in this destination. In Luxembourg City, lush parks, gardens, and green spaces crop up around every corner. Kick your feet up, relax, and smell the flowers in Edouard André Municipal Park or Merl-Belair Park, which are both located near the heart of Luxembourg.

Much as its strategic position led many countries to fight over it in the past, today Luxembourg City’s location will conveniently fit into a Western Europe travel itinerary. It shares borders with France, Belgium, and Germany and is easy to get to by train, plane, or car. Between Luxembourg City’s intriguing history, beautiful sights, and ease to get around, you won’t be disappointed by this magnificent capital city.

Beautiful, walkable, livable Luxembourg City

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful, walkable, livable Luxembourg City

  1. I would love to include a stop in Luxembourg city on my next trip to western Europe. I didn’t realize how walkable it was. I also like how free elevators are accessible to all. They certainly look like they provide amazing views.

  2. I’ve traveled to all the countries surrounding Luxembourg, but I haven’t made it to this small European country yet. I’d love to visit someday. I especially like that Luxembourg City is walkable since wandering is one of my favorite things to do in European cities. It looks like there are plenty of historic sites and beautiful parks. Thanks for the wanderlust inspiration, Kaylene!

  3. I’ve never considered visiting Luxembourg but I definitely want to now! It looks like such an interesting city and I love places where you can explore everything on foot. Love the photos 🙂

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