Photo Essay: Colorful Bristol, UK

As I walked along Bristol’s canals, the wind whipped my hair in every direction. It was liberating to finally have fresh air on my face in the midst of a wet and foggy couple of weeks in the UK. I turned a corner, and bright-colored homes popped into view at the top of a hill looming ahead. The pinks, blues, yellows, greens, and oranges could light up any drab, British day, especially when paired with the vibrant street art plastered throughout the city.

A city laid out for walkers and bikers, Bristol wasn’t built with drivers in mind, as it has some of the worst congestion and traffic in the UK. So naturally, I took a train there. As soon as I arrived at Bristol Temple Meads, signs and maps pointed me in the direction of the city center, Old Town, and some of the top attractions. Having reminders of where you are and need to turn in a foreign city, allows you to fully enjoy strolling the streets carefree without having your nose in map.

Bristol is pulsing with life through its art, architecture, and unique neighborhoods. About a two and a half hour train journey from London, don’t pass up on a chance to visit this colorful city. Here’s my favorite photos from a day and a half exploring Bristol.

Clifton Suspension Bridge - Bristol, UK

Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill - Bristol, UK

Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill - Bristol UK

Bristol, UK

Bristol, UK

Old Town - Bristol, UK

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery - Bristol, UK

Street Art - Bristol, UK

Bristol, UK

Street Art - Bristol, UK

Bristol, UK

Bristol, UK

Have you visited Bristol, UK? If not, what would you like to see or do when exploring the city?

Bristol, UK

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8 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Colorful Bristol, UK

  1. Beautiful photos Kaylene! I love the diversity in them… gives me a good overall impression. Interesting style, I see (nearly) no human in there 🙂

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