Local find on the road: Asheville’s Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

When traveling, it’s important to support local businesses at the destinations we visit. Try to stay away from chain restaurants you can eat at anywhere. And don’t only go to those top, typical tourist attractions – that’s no way to truly see a city… the real side to the city anyways. Visit the unique spots that don’t make it in the top 10 on TripAdvisor.

On my recent trip to Asheville, North Carolina, I paid a visit to Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar in Grove Arcade, which is home to a variety of boutiques and restaurants located in a historic building. The book exchange features loads of used books on just about every topic, even some rare books.

The Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar knows exactly what the finer things are in life. As you stroll through thousands of books spread out in every nook and cranny of the store, you can sip on wine or champagne – or heck why not BOTH.

The book exchange and bar boasts over 22,000 books that are constantly changing and 80 wines. If you want to make a little extra money, you can even sell your books that are in excellent condition there. Throughout the Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar, there’s plenty of chairs, couches, and tables to enjoy reading a book or magazine and a snack. The bar sells cheeseboards, desserts, and coffee.

Asheville's Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

But wait, it gets even better… Dogs are allowed inside. So not only can you enjoy a good book paired with wine and cheese, but you can also bring your furry friend to accompany you. I honestly don’t think one place can get any better than this.

The Battery Park Book Exchange is open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday at 1 Page Avenue, Suite 101 in Asheville. Make sure to pay them a visit when in Asheville, and give yourself plenty of time to mosey around the different sections of books and soak up the atmosphere with a glass of wine or two.

Finding local gems like this book exchange makes traveling so rewarding and unique every time you’re on the road. Before traveling to any destination, do your research. Get recommendations from locals and people who have visited before. Find those local spots, not just what the top tourist websites tell you to do.

How do you find local spots in a city you’re visiting? What’s some of your favorite local gems you’ve found while traveling?

Asheville’s Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

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29 thoughts on “Local find on the road: Asheville’s Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

  1. Wow, books, champagne and dogs! This sounds amazing. I love to find different places like this and just hang out for a few hours. I also love it when a book store has plenty a seats so I can really check out the books. What a great find!

  2. Awesome combo! Lots of books, a cool place and awesome vibes! Sometimes I dream with my eyes wide open about opening a place that has tons of books. Even if this place is going to be a hostel, a book exchange place or a coffee shop! Dreams…

  3. Oh my gosh what a cute place, not sure about the campaign, but would love to curl up with a book and some wine! This is a neat looking place, hope to see more like it crop up, and much better than cozy coffee shop with the wine and all 🙂

  4. Being in that book exchange would be like being Belle in Beauty and the Beast! I might be hitting up Asheville soon anyway, so I hope to check that out!

  5. Books + Bubbles! Sounds like my kind of bar! So, they have cheeseboards, coffee, chocolate, 80 wines including champagne, and 22,000 books … I would never want to leave. Seriously, they’d have to kick me out at closing time.

  6. It’s all about finding little places like this when I travel too! Last year we went kayaking in Northern England and bumped into this gorgeous second hand bookshop called Barter Books in an old train station. It just changes your entire perception of a place 🙂

  7. This is gorgeous! My dream is to open my own book exchange cafe some day. But I don’t really know how long people will want to read actual books?! (Even though I hope it’ll be forever! :D)

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