Photo Essay: Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees

The Tunnel of Trees is a 16-mile scenic drive on the M-119 in Northern Michigan. It’s a narrow road winding through thick forest with occasional views of the vast Lake Michigan. This scenic heritage route, one of the most beautiful drives in Michigan and the United States, starts in Harbor Spring and ends in Cross Village.

As we hit the road, we became fully engulfed by tall, stunning trees, making a natural tunnel above us. From time to time, the trees parted for outlooks of the crystal clear water of Lake Michigan. There’s incredible views around every extremely sharp turn. The Tunnel of Trees is a beautiful drive during all four seasons but especially mesmerizing during spring and autumn.

Additionally, there’s several places to get out and stretch your legs or grab a bite to eat or a hot beverage along the route. This trip is perfect to truly experience the beauty of the enchanting Northern Michigan. Here’s my favorite photos from my autumn drive through the Tunnel of Trees.








Tunnel of Trees - Michigan

Tunnel of Trees - Michigan

Check out this short clip from our drive through the Tunnel of Trees. Sometimes you have to open the sunroof and poke your head out for some unhindered views.

Have you made it to Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees or is it on your bucket list? What’s your favorite scenic drive?

Tunnel of Trees Photo Essay

16 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees

  1. This is exactly why I love autumn so much! I’m from Perth, Australia and our autumn is doesn’t really look like this and usually passes so quickly. But we’re currently in the US now and I am loving the colours! Great photos 😀

  2. What a perfect spot for a fall drive! I need to remember this for next fall. We are only a few hours drive to North Michigan afterall.

  3. This just made me so homesick. I miss Michigan so much.

    I have never heard of this activity though – I think when I got home next year I will see if my family wants to do it together. It looks beautiful.

  4. You’ve got me missing the beautiful leaves back in my home state of NY this time of year. I’m in Thailand right now, so i guess i’ll just have to keep suffering through the beautiful 90 degree weather. haha. Seriously though, I’d love to take this road trip, looks like a good one for a motorcycle too!

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