An open letter to my mom: Thank you for introducing me to travel

Dear Mom,

Thank you for planning all those family vacations when my brother and I were growing up. I truly had a blast, turning tennis tournaments into vacation – always making time to explore, stopping off at shops and trying new restaurants.

Family travel in Arizona

Our annual trips to Arizona during Christmas will always be some of my favorite memories. I think I fell in love with traveling somewhere in the desolate deserts of Arizona. Or was it the drive into Sedona surrounded by red rocks, feeling like at some point we’d drive off the edge of the Earth?

Thank you for being my first travel partner. You introduced me to travel, showing me the excitement and beauty of seeing new places. We’ve indulged at the Mall of America in Minnesota, walked the beautiful streets of Savannah (Georgia), laughed and cried at a Broadway play in New York City, took in the glitz of Laguna Beach, flew to Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks perform at the Wynn. I could go on for ages.

Mother-daughter travel in Savannah, Georiga

But you also never let me forget the fun we have in our own backyard in Tennessee. There’s new restaurants and boutiques popping up around every corner, great music to enjoy in downtown and sporting events too fun to miss out on.

Thank you for showing me that travel is worth it. You’ve taught me to work hard so that I can take time off for vacation. Getting through rough spells of work is easier when you have a light at the end of the tunnel you’re working towards. We all deserve a break whether it’s sitting on a beach with a fruity cocktail, people-watching in a European square or taking a road trip with beautiful views around every corner.

Thank you for supporting my decision to travel solo even though you wish I’d find someone – anyone – to go with. You don’t fully understand why I do it, but you always show interest in my plans and journeys. You end up sending me interesting articles and photos you find online of places I’m traveling to or want to see.

Mom, we’ve been to over 20 states together. Every trip leaves us with endless memories. I love traveling together, and I’m excited to add more destinations to our list of adventures. Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing woman who showed me just how cool traveling is.

Thank you to all the mothers teaching their sons and daughters to travel. You’ve given them life. Now show them the world.

Who influenced you to travel? Do your parents support you decision to go see the world?

An open letter to my mom: Thank you for introducing me to travel

26 thoughts on “An open letter to my mom: Thank you for introducing me to travel

  1. Oh, I can’t love this enough! As a traveling mom who blogs about taking the kids this warms my heart like I can’t even tell you!! I hope mine feel the same way. 🙂 LOVE the post.

  2. This is such a sweet letter to your mom. It’s wonderful that you have been 20 places with her already. Hopefully there will be many more :-). Growing up, both my parents traveled, l’m sure it influenced me majorly, as well as some of my siblings.

  3. That’s so sweet! My parents took me traveling a lot too and it definitely influenced my love of travel as an adult. 🙂 Very nice Mother’s Day tribute.

  4. Of all the things our parents teach us I feel that the best lesson they can teach is that of travel. With travel, you learn so much more than you can sitting in your neighborhood watching the same people doing the same things. Lucky you.

  5. I love this post for so many reasons! Your mama’s incredible spirit shows thru in you loud and clear, how lucky you both are! Thank you for sharing this, keep up the awesome work! Malibu Mama Loves Xx

  6. This is a fabulous entry, and I have to agree if it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t find my love for travel. I started to travel more in my 30’s as I spent my 20’s working my butt off. However, I found a great balance between the two now and I truly find tremendous value of the things that I see and have experienced. I hope to have a positive influence on my nieces to show them a world that is bigger and more beautiful than what the media shows.

  7. Aww, this is so sweet. I love it that you could travel with your mum so much. I reckon my grandma really influenced me. She was always travelling once she was retired, and I remember that at the time I was always dying to hear her stories once she returned.

  8. It’s beautiful what you did here. I think many of us have been introduced to travel by our parents. Your initiative is great and I’ll make sure to do something like that when the time comes. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  9. What a wonderful thing to read! I loved travelling with my parents when I was younger and have so many great memories of those times. Hope you have many great adventures now and in the future!

  10. This is really sweet. How cool is it that your mom was the one to introduce you to travel. I also think it’s awesome that you continue to travel together! 🙂

  11. A beautiful,inspiring and honest letter! So good your mom inspired you in this way! I travelled with my parents also when I was younger. Keep up the good work and have fun! 🙂

  12. Such a sweet post. It’s nice that your mom inspired you and supported you to travel so much. My parents don’t really that much…I get “when are you having a kid..why don’t you work for a multinational company?” But when I go on trips, she doesn’t always complain lol

    Kudos to your mom!

  13. Wow, what a touching letter! I’m sure your mom loved every single moment just as much as you. I’ll travel to Cape Town in October with my mum and sister. Can’t wait!

  14. This is wonderful! I’m sure your mom enjoyed reading it. I traveled with my parents some (mostly road trips to see family) but it was really my aunt who got me hooked on international travel. I hope to do the same for my own nieces and nephews some day!

  15. My dear Kylene,
    We’ve never met face to face, but we have said hello on the phone. That occurred on a weekend adventure I was lucky enough to have in the company of your incredible mother. I was in Nashville for a job training and I had a miserable first week. The treat I had to look forward to was spending the weekend with a childhood friend who lived in the area. My expectation was a quiet lunch at a chain restaurant, maybe a brief tour of the area and chat of our early times at school.
    What I got was a tornado of fun and games, playing wheelman to your glorious mother, as she ripped me out of my safe comfort zone and took me literally everywhere you HAD to go in Nashville. Brunch at Monell’s, the Pink Bus tour of Music Row, which included a shot of moonshine and some deep fried pickles, an adventure through the old town jam-packed with people there for March Madness playoffs, and finally the most elegant fine dining experience, no holds barred. The next day was just as crazy busy and I was exhausted, but darling Paula wasn’t even winded. I can never thank her enough or repay her incredible kindness. She spoke of you and your brother with such love and humble pride at the wonderful adults you had become. I loved reading your letter to your mother and to hear your love and appreciation ring out….You already know this, but you are truly blessed, as is she. Cheers!

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