Two activities you can’t miss in Memphis

Whenever I think of Memphis, Tennessee, BBQ and blues instantly come to my mind. If you visit this southern city, don’t miss out on the tasty food and lively music scene.

Even if you’re in Memphis for just a day, you can’t skip out on experiencing the food or music. So come hungry and bring your dancing shoes.

Let’s start with the food. BBQ is a must-get while visiting Memphis. The city offers loads of different places to get delectable pork dishes, from pulled pork sandwiches, ribs or unique concoctions with pork. A few of the most famous restaurants are Corky’s, Central, Commissary and Rendezvous. You can’t go wrong with any of these; each is known for different specialties. Commissary is my personal favorite. Not only do they serve the best ribs I’ve ever had but also incredible banana pudding.

Not a BBQ lover? Don’t fret (although you seriously are missing out). Memphis has a lot of great food. Each time I make my way back to this foodie city, I find tasty, eclectic restaurants. My brother lives in Memphis, so he’s found a few spots the locals go to eat and drink. Last weekend, my family and I went to The Half Shell, mostly known for its seafood. The restaurant serves a variety of food and drinks and has a homey inside. The inside was decked out with lights for the holiday season. I was very pleased with the shrimp and Tom Collins I ordered to drink.

cutmypic (1)
Sun Studio. (Photo by Alexa Flynn)

Then, there’s the famed music scene of Memphis, home of the blues. Elvis Presley lived most of his life there, and you can tour his house, Graceland. You can also visit Sun Records, where Elvis and Johnny Cash got their starts in the music industry.

When walking in Memphis , it’s hard not to hear live music. There’s countless bars and venues to catch country, blues, rock or jazz tunes. Be sure to check out the infamous Beale Street, packed with bars varying in atmosphere and vibes. A night out on this street can keep going until the wee hours of the morning. Additionally, there’s Midtown and numerous other music spots spread all over the city. I’ve seen rocking bands on Beale Street and in random bars across town. It’s easy to come across music no macutmypic (2)tter where you are.

Even if you’re in Memphis for just a day, you can’t skip out on experiencing the food or music. So come hungry and bring your dancing shoes.

What do you love the most about Memphis? Or why would you want to visit?

15 thoughts on “Two activities you can’t miss in Memphis

  1. I love cities with a lot of live music and Memphis seems to have such a selection, it would fun to try the different bars and vibes! About the bbq: I am trying to eat less meat but i would definitely make an exception here: if it’s one of the highlights, I can’t miss it, no? (Thanks for giving me the excuse, I am a bit if a reluctant vegetarian 😉 )

    1. Me too! I’ve really appreciated live music, being from the Nashville area and not far away from Memphis. Really cool to be able to catch some tunes on any given night! Haha and I can promise the BBQ would be worth making an exception for!

  2. I’m always searching for good BBQ spots and you listed one for me! This looks great to me haha. Thanks for the well written post.

  3. hmmmm the whole bbq restaurant thing is a bit of a mystery to us Australians there is no bbq restaurants in Australia. Not sure if the meaning between BBQ for Americans and Australians in blurred or what. Maybe its because we BBQ so much at our homes here in the summer months or not. Still Memphis looks like a great place to visit

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