Four reasons to be a tourist in your hometown

I’m all for traveling far and wide, but don’t forget about exploring close to home too. We usually don’t take the time to sight see in our hometown or the city we live in unless we have friends or family to show around.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, and I’ve recently taken a few weekends to explore different communities. It’s important to occasionally see your city with an outsider’s eyes. Here’s why you should take the time to be a tourist in your own hometown:

Discover new places/areas of the city. In our daily life, we tend to get caught in the same routines, going to the same restaurants, stores and familiar parts of town. Shake things up and check out somewhere new. I’ve recently explored 12 South, a neighborhood in Nashville with unique boutiques and restaurants. I had no idea this lively area existed not too far up the highway from my family’s home, and I’ll definitely be back soon.

See the city with a new eye. If we view the city exactly the same as always, it begins to feel boring, uninteresting and nothing out of the ordinary. Take the time and appreciate what your city has to offer. Doing some of the “tourist” activities can help you remember what makes it so special. How I view Nashville has changed in the last few years. I have always liked Nashville, but recently I’ve really enjoyed trying out different restaurants, checking out new shops and exploring areas of town I don’t normally get to.

I checked out The Pub Nashville in the Gulch for the first time recently.

Realize what makes your town unique and fun. It’s easy to get pulled into the daily grind, and we forget to stop and smell the roses. We begin to overlook what makes our city so cool and exciting. So get out there and take the long way to work, pay attention to the architecture, go check out that restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to for ages. Do activities that your city is known for. When I’ve been back in Nashville, I’ve checked out a variety of live music venues. It’s made me realize how fun the music scene is and how incredibly easy it is to find good bands to listen to.

Make what’s usually mundane exciting. We all have errands to run that make us groan just thinking about them, so let’s spice it up. Go to the store on the other side of town and work activities around it that you’ve been wanting to do but never get around to. Take advantage of what your city has to offer. My mom and I have been looking for Christmas gifts for friends and family. We’ve taken the past couple of weekends to check out shops over a variety of areas in the suburbs of Nashville. It gets boring going to the same stores over and over.

I’m notorious for looking forward to trips I have planned across the country and the world. But it’s important to enjoy our time at home and find the beauty and excitement around us every day. So enjoy your hometown for all its glory!

What do you appreciate the most about your city?

Four reasons to be a tourist in your hometown

25 thoughts on “Four reasons to be a tourist in your hometown

  1. I cannot agree more with this post! Exploring my area on a frequent basis even if it’s only going to an event in a bar you’ve never been before, allows me to be on ‘adventure mode’ even between trips. I should say I’m quite lucky for this in Scotland, the Highlands are less than an hour driving away!

    1. That’s great, thanks for sharing! We can’t always be looking forward to a trip ahead. We have to make sure we take the time to enjoy the city we live in! Wow, yes that’s incredible! I hope to get to that area soon!

  2. I love exploring in my own hometown, Portland! I realized after moving away from Washington State where I grew up, that I didn’t really know it all that well, so I’ve made it a goal to explore where I live better. A great way I do this is by getting an annual Chinook Book (not available in all cities). It has coupons for restaurants, tourist places, shops, and much more and encourages me to visit when I might not otherwise have checked it out!

  3. The fact that I’m so close to so much nature, lakes, hiking trails and while it might not be as exciting or have lots of things going on like Toronto – living an hour north is peaceful and great for weekend getaways!

    1. That sounds really nice and a good location! Out of all the busyness of the big city but an easy drive away! Also I’ve really been wanting to get to Toronto: I’ve heard it’s a really fun city!

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