Four things that make a good travel partner

Traveling solo is great. (I even wrote a post on why you should: Four reasons why you should travel solo). However, traveling can be very rewarding with family, friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend, but some make better travel partners then others. It can really put your relationships to the test (Traveling isn’t always rainbows and butterflies). Successfully getting through the struggles that come with traveling together, can drastically improve your relationships. Here’s what marks a good travel partner:

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, travel partner

When things go wrong, they can take a deep breath and deal with it. I find this the absolute most important. Traveling is fun but problems can arise dealing with transportation, accommodations, or language barriers, but it’s important to not let it ruin the trip. When traveling with my boyfriend in Chile, our rental truck broke down and we missed the flight to our next destination. There was nothing we could do but sit around and wait until there was room for us on a later flight. We found a spot in the corner of the airport and enjoyed an afternoon of movies on our laptop. We didn’t have getting stuck in an airport on our itinerary, but I enjoyed our time together be15778_10153426338835656_827070190225627096_ncause we didn’t make it a big deal.

A little over  a year ago, I ventured on my first overseas trip with my friend Bri. Her checked bag never made it to Europe, so we shared clothes for two weeks. Luckily, we are the same size, and our biggest problem was having to do laundry much more than anticipated. That’s not something that would have went so smoothly with anyone, but that’s what makes her easy to travel with.

They have a similar budget to you. A trip can get a little tricky if you and your travel partner don’t have a similar budget. Attractions10419593_10152539964032483_7861682407906254671_n, accommodations and eating out can add up quickly, so it’s important you’re on the same page about what you’re comfortable with spending the most money on.

As a recent college graduate, I haven’t had endless amounts of money. In big cities, staying at hostels can be very cost efficient because you have the luxury of staying downtown with an affordable price. I’ve been lucky to travel with different friends that were open to staying in hostels ranging from San Francisco to Boston to Geneva. This left us with more money to try local food and sightsee.

They don’t plan trips down to the minute. This can cause unneeded anxiety and stress, because the chances of everything going as planned is highly unlikely. Leave time for exploring the city and just relaxing. When my mom and I travel together, we typically have a few fun plans of must-dos and then have time open for chilling with our feet up and activities or places we find along the way. Plans fill so much of our daily lives, why should our trips be like that to?

They’re open to new things. Traveling is the most fun when you do things you don’t do every day. Unique activities and food is a big part of experiencing different places, especially in other countries. It can be a buzz kill if you’re travel partner isn’t up for those exciting new or different things you want to do.

It’s great to have friends and loved ones who not only enjoy traveling but are also enjoyable to travel with. Who’s your favorite travel companion? What’s most important in a partner to see the world with?

Four things that make a good travel partner, characteristics

11 thoughts on “Four things that make a good travel partner

  1. Great post with some very good tips. I think having the same budget is crucial for a harmonious travel relationship -if one member wants to go out, eat out and take every tour under the sun, it’s going to make it pretty hard and miserable for someone who can’t afford that

  2. I think having a great travel partner can really help relieve stress — you get to share problems 50/50. There have definitely been times when I would have had a meltdown over something if my husband hadn’t been there to reassure me that it was REALLY going to be okay.

  3. I don’t think people realize how important these things are in a travel partner! Travel can be very stressful, and it can make or break relationships. I think this is a great list of tips and things to look for in a potential travel partner.

  4. Great list of things to think about! For me, the #1 thing is that you want to see/do similar things once there OR that both of you are comfortable splitting up to do your own thing when that makes more sense. I hate being dragged along to uninteresting things and I’m sure my companions feel the same way. A few compromises is fine, but not the whole trip 🙂

  5. Very good points. Totally agree. Regarding things going wrong, in my case, it was an acute ear infection that happened to me in Italy that made me fully appreciate traveling with my partner. Finding myself in a new country without speaking local language very well and needing an emergency care for being in pain is something that I would never want to face alone.

  6. Nice read. It’s not easy to find a similar minded travel partner. I’m lucky to be able to travel long term with my husband and it works out fine 🙂

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