Four reasons why you should travel solo

Solo traveling
A shirt I bought in Madrid, Spain.

Going on vacation with friends and family is fun, and you should travel with them. But it’s good to travel on your own too. Here are few reasons why you should:

Flexibility. You can do what you want, be selfish. It’s relaxing to not feel forced to do anything but whatever you choose to do. Does your usual travel partner love to go to museums or are you the friend that enjoys those? Go or don’t go, do whatever pleases you! Also, you can travel whenever is best for you to wherever you choose. The possibilities are endless.

Meet new people. Especially fellow travelers. You’re more likely to want to meet other people on a trip when you’re by yourself. Staying in hostels are affordable and fun places to stay when traveling alone. You’ll run into a lot of interesting, unique people who also are traveling solo.

Alone time is good. It’s healthy to be comfortable spending time alone and what better way to do that than on a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to see. My favorite moments I’ve spent by myself was exploring Barcelona, Madrid, Venice and Rome. Some days I had no agenda and just went for walks through the city, stopping for lunch when I found an interesting café.

It’s a great experience. It’s something everyone should experience and numerous times. You learn a lot about getting around different cities, which is pretty necessary or you won’t make it anywhere. You figure out what you like and dislike doing and how to rely on yourself.

I don’t necessarily think it’ll help you “find yourself,” but you will learn a lot about yourself. Solo traveling also makes you more comfortable in your own skin and gives you more confidence going on adventures and meeting new people. And it may be just what you need, so take the jump and travel solo!

Where do you hope to travel to on your own? Or what’s been your favorite solo traveling moment?

8 thoughts on “Four reasons why you should travel solo

  1. I was wondering about being a solo traveler for the next months/years and this article definitely encourage me to do so! I’ll certainly start with India, I’ve spent 10 years of my childhood there and I would love to see the changes today.

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