Segovia, Spain – It was love at first sight

Aqueduct of Segovia.

After five days in Madrid, Spain, I began researching nearby cities to take a day trip to. I heard about Segovia, and it interested me at a quick glance. The city was an easy and cheap 30 minute train ride, so I booked the trip. I hopped on the train, not really sure what would be in store when I arrived in Segovia.

As I stepped off the train, I was surrounded by rural plains that turned into mountains in the distance. I took a ride into the town and was in awe pulling up in the roundabout before the city. There it was, the Aqueduct of Segovia. So massive and absolutely stunning it leaves you speechless. There’s a staircase to the side where you get a beautiful view of the city at the top.

I could have sat at a café looking onto the aqueduct all day but figured I should see what else this city had to offer. I began moseying around the city, and it had a small “Madrid” feel. As I walked the stone streets passing shops and restaurants, I then caught site of the mesmerizing Segovia Cathedral. The architecture was incredible, and it was just so darn big.

Segovia Cathedral
Segovia Cathedral.

The sights of the city, housing not even 55,000 people, doesn’t end there. There’s the Alcázar of Segovia, which is so cool it doesn’t even look real. This castle has this eerie look that reminds me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. My next visit there I’d love to take the 30-minute hike to a hill with panoramic views of the castle.

Throughout the town, the majority of the buildings were a tan color making overlooks of this unique city stunning. It was such a fun city to explore with no specific agenda. I’m very drawn to spend a couple nights there soon. I would love to see all the signature sights I saw during the day at nighttime. Segovia, I’ll be back soon.

How I fell in love with Segovia, Spain

16 thoughts on “Segovia, Spain – It was love at first sight

  1. I’ve only been to Madrid in Spain. Sounds like Segovia is a beautiful place to visit. I love aqueducts so I probably would have spent all day just at that site!

  2. Like the other commenters I haven’t heard anything either but it sure does sound worth a trip if you’re nearby!

  3. I love when we discover a new place like that. It almost makes it feel like it’s your own little place in the world 🙂

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